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I order unframed canvas and receive it with double/mirror looking painting.  

    The double/mirror looking painting is extra so you can frame it without losing some of the original painting.
    Here is a little help :)

    Where is my order?

      We send an email with your tracking number to the email that been register in your account if you didn't receive it to your email you can find it in your account.

      How can I track my order?

        Use this site: https://www.17track.net/en 
        At the moment your package arrives at your country you can enter the tracking number into your local post service web.

        Why does my tracking number isn't valid?
        Sometimes the tracking information is valid only after 5 days.

        How long is the shipping time?

        Each product has it own shipment time deepened in the manufacturing country.Some of our product is made in the USA and some made in China.  

        Can I cancel my order after it's been placed?

        That depends on the item you've ordered and how fast you will contact us about it. Most of our item being processed on the same day and being shipped a day after.
        We can't cancel the order after it's been shipped if you still want to cancel you need to receive the item and send it back to us. only after we receive the item you will get a refund.

        Are there customs, taxes, duties and/or tariffs?

          It's very unlikely. but in case something happens We are not responsible for customs, taxes, duties and tariffs.
          Unfortunately, we have no control over that, it all deals with laws and regulations in your respective country. All Taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the cost of the order.
          Taxes and customs charges differ depending on the country and state of the shipping address.
          We suggest contacting your local customs office if you are unsure of the applicable taxes and customs fees that are relevant to you.

          How can I be sure that this site is not a fraud?

            We use PayPal, Stripe and Apple pay that guarantee that if you don't receive your goods you will get your money back. 


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